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One Lux Studio is an award-winning New York Lighting Design firm located in Midtown Manhattan. Our mission is to provide the best service in the lighting design industry. Since the firm’s inception in 2007, we have earned a reputation for design excellence and technical proficiency. Our experts focus on the sustainable design of lighting concepts and systems utilizing both natural and artificial lighting to enhance architectural spaces.

Creating the appropriate mood, respecting the architecture and threading the best technology through each project are the critical tests that each of our designs must satisfy. This is accomplished by blending each partner’s distinct expertise with the creative ideas of our staff and clients to create expressive yet timeless concepts in light.

The design team of One Lux Studio has been responsible for illuminating some of the most unique and iconic projects. Over fifty years of combined experience assures our clients that each commission has been properly staffed, designed and expertly implemented.



Our design process enables architects and owners to visualize the effects of proposed solutions using sketches, renderings and computer simulation tools.  Accurate technical documents at all design phases are critical for a successful project.  The proper identification of scope is imperative so that the design process can continue to a successful completion.

A comprehensive technical specification is used on each project to get the best possible results from contractors and vendors. RFI’s and shop drawings are our last chance to make sure every issue is resolved. We understand that timely support at this juncture is important for all involved parties.

No project is complete until it is commissioned. Accurate site visit reports, lighting control startup, fixture focusing and client training are all the final steps that make each of our projects great and our clients satisfied.

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A leader in energy efficient and effective design, One Lux Studio’s track record of award-winning energy saving projects has been accomplished by a “team-based” collaborative design approach. Attention to sustainable design has become essential to every project at some level and our commitment to these strategies has been unsurpassed. Before LEED became the benchmark for the design industry, we were responsible for some of the best examples of energy conserving projects and were recognized by the Illuminating Engineering Society of North America and the International Association of Lighting Designers for our commitment to design excellence and energy optimization.


  • SM

    Stephen Margulies


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    Jack Bailey


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    Fernando Soler


Design Team

  • YShahamiri

    Yasamin Shahamiri

    Senior Associate

  • YChoy

    Yon Choy

    Senior Associate

  • AAmendolara

    Adriana Amendolara


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    Elena Areshina


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    Christina Cho


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    Claire Liu


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    Gene Lambert


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    Kourtenay Mott

    Marketing Director

  • Dennis2

    Dennis Kradolfer

    Senior Lighting Designer

  • KPark

    Kate Park

    Senior Lighting Designer

  • HCheng

    Huanhai Cheng

    Senior Lighting Designer

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    Ashkahn Bazl

    Senior Lighting Designer

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    Rob Merow

    Senior Lighting Designer

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    Paola Pietrantoni

    Lighting Designer

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    Preston Church

    Lighting Designer

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    Laurie Kriss

    Office Manager